Adam had sinned by the willful rebellion against God’s order concerning the forbidden fruit. At that moment in the dateless past, Adam became invisible to the Lord.

The Lord cannot and will not look on sin or His creature under its control. God created images of Himself to have and share a personal relationship with Him.

The Garden of Eden was a perfect environment instituted for the Adam and Eve to inhabit. These two were without sin or flaw in their character, Gen. 3:8.

They were given a volition or free will to obey God or to deny His laws. It was only in the state of sinlessness that fellowship with God could remain intact.

Once a sin was committed, a barrier was erected between God and His creation. Any previous relationship with God is now null and void. The act of sinning places the person in Satan‘s Cosmic System of Evil.

Adam was the first to enter this state of aloneness. Under human view-point and the accompanying behavior, the repercussions could become insurmountable. Indeed, by human-viewpoint, it was a hopeless separation from God.

Spiritual death would become a norm for the rebellious creation. As God will pronounce on His judgment day, so He does today to those of whom choose to disobey.

‘I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity,” (Matt. 7:23).

God, the Lord could not acknowledge Adam at the time of the first sin. Adam became invisible to God. Under the condition of a sin state (Reversionism), and the ensuing spiritual death, the human spirit does not exist.

Therefore, as an entity to God you no longer are in His vision or in obedience to Him.. You become a member of the Slave Market of Sin.

At this point you no longer are in the image of God. God had to provide a lasting means of discipline for this Adam’s rebellion. No longer was
he or Eve a perfect spirit.

A new being was born in the garden that day of the dateless past. A being that would be present throughout history, affecting all of God’s creation. Man’s ignorance is preceded only by the act of pride.

However, it is ignorance that produces pride in man. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse when violating man’s laws. It is not a means to espouse sin in the details of life.

Man’s ignorance is the prevailing characteristic that lies at the foundation of his rebellion towards God.

In Hosea 4:6, God pronounced that His people are destroyed due to the lack of knowledge because His people reject knowledge.

Adam rejected the knowledge that the Lord issued. Adam rejected the, “Do nots,” of God’s mandate for habitation in the garden.

Adam responded to the voice and request of a fellow being rather that adhering to God’s protocol plan for His creations.

He disobeyed God.

Adam did answer the Lord’s call. “Where art thou? Gen.3:9. When sin is perpetuated, guilt ensues. This guilt reflex induces fear. A treatment of the guilt complex is on page 11 of , “Man‘s Battlefield,“ written by this author.

“I was afraid, because I was naked; and hid myself.” Gen.3:10.

This typifies sin’s cosmic involvement.

Sin and a attempt to hide it or hide self. There is no place or mind-set wherein to hide once sin is involved.

However, the sin steals identity. To the Lord, Adam and Eve were non-existent as His creations. Inquiry was at hand.

“Who told you that wast naked?” Gen.3:11. “Why did you disobey me?” Page 30 of, “ Man’s Battlefield”.

As with all transgressors, Adam shifted the blame. The women gave him the fruit. He in his ignorance would not stand up and accept the
blame for his crime against God.

He was not the leader in the relationship with Eve. He was a tool of Satan. The first rule of war is to break down the family unit, as Adam allowed.

Satan won another round. As a result of Adam disobeying the mandate of God, Adam, Eve, the Serpent, and all of creation was placed under a curse.

The perfect system was no longer perfect. The present evil was no longer allowed in such a perfected habitation. Verse 20 of chapter 3 in Genesis, gives evidence that Adam, although he blamed her for his failure, named this women, “The mother of all living”.

It is now a pivotal period in God’s creation. Adam’s rebellion forced God’s divine character to enact a change in His creation. These two beings designed and created by God, was to change. A change that will effect His creation until such time as God decides the final fate of earth.

With my next blog, lesson two, the change is discussed.

No longer is this creation in God’s image.

Now another being is to reign on this planet earth. In the next blog, learn of the new creation that took Adam’s place as a spirit being.

Until then, God bless you in your quest to overcome the ignorance in the details of your life.

by: Ben “Bear” Reeves